P90x2 “the next Jordan”?

Me dunking 60 days into Asylum--hope to 360 at the end of P90x2

There is a lot of talk that P90x2 does not live up to the hype and is inferior to the legendary P90x.

Having graduated P90x (2 times), Insanity and 90 days in the Asylum–I am here to say that P90x2  ‘kicks the pants’ off its original offering–if, and I mean if, you are interested in an overall increase in athleticism.

Is that to say P90x still isn’t awesome?  Not at all.


The two programs are totally different and it all depends on what you are looking to get out of your workouts.  Most people starting P90x2 are in much better shape than when they started P90x and as we all know, P90x set the bar very high for workouts and results throughout the fitness world.


It’s easy to make quick judgements about P90x2 because the only comparison most people have is to P90x.  I think all graduates of P90x can remember how hard Plyo Push-Ups were the first time Tony convinced us to get airborne, and now we can do them in our sleep.


People want to see instant results:  drop in weight, muscles showing, body fat lowering and incredible before and after videos.  Tony Horton and Beachbody put together such an incredible program that anything coming after P90x is seen as “the next Jordan” that doesn’t live up to the hype.  P90x produces incredible results time and time again.

Fast forward 7 years later and what we now have is something completely different.  It’s like trying to compare Wilt and Shaq, you just can’t do it because they played in different eras, against different caliber players and basketball evolved and is still evolving.

That’s like trying to compare P90x to P90x2–both will dominate the eras that they played in and one is a result of  of the other.  Without P90x laying the groundwork, P90x2 would be a pigment of our imaginations.

Now, do you want to become an exceptional athlete?    Take your fitness to the next level?  Enter P90x2.


I haven’t done the full 90 days so I don’t know if the visual transformation of this program will compete with that of P90x, but I do know, having completed all the workouts, I will be an athletic freak (as much as I can be at 33 years old) when all is said and done.

After years of playing athletics at the highest levels possible, I know that it takes time to see long lasting results and this is where P90x2 will lead you.

Phase 1:  Foundation –  You have to crawl before you run
Phase 2:  Strength – Get those muscles ready for the change
Phase 3:  Performance – This is where the magic happens, muscles firing on all cylinders

So maybe there won’t be another Jordan, just like there will not be another P90x.  But as the game evolves, we see players like LeBron James that take the game to another level and do things that a 6-8, 260 lb player could not do in Jordan’s era and this is what P90x2 is–an evolution of an at home workout that has changed millions of lives.

Can’t wait to show my results and X2 Crew, let’s get it done!


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