P90x2 Foundation Phase- My Review

Beachbody does a great job of 3 things:

1)  Putting out programs that work
2)  Delivering results
3)  Adapting to changes in fitness

The Evolution of Exercise


Fitness goals and trends are always changing.  In the 80’s, everyone wanted to be Mr. Olympia–spending hours in gym making loud grunt noises so the whole gym knew they were maxing out.

In the 90’s, people wanted quick fixes that didn’t take a lot of time–a lot less heavy lifting and a lot more cardio.   All sorts of new machines came onto the scene: Stairmaster, Versaclimber, Nordic Track–people loved to simulate real life events on machines.

And how about now?  The new standard (not a trend) is functional fitness.

Lean, mean, performance machines.

I define functional fitness as:  putting your body in best position possible to excel in both athletics and day to day activities while preventing injury and obtaining desirable results.

It doesn’t make sense to bench press 300 lbs and not have the flexibility to swing a golf club or raise up your arms high enough to shoot a basketball.

Fitness evolves so rapidly and so has the way to go about getting functional results (even since P90x).

Movements in day to day life (as well as in sports) require a coordination of multiple body parts moving and grooving at once– so shouldn’t we train this way too?

This guy is not ripped, but will tear you up!

So P90x2 strives to make us all functional and in the process make us strong, athletic and ripped.

A lot of people focus on what they look like in the mirror rather than what tasks their bodies can perform.

Have you ever noticed that all NFL linemen have large guts, but they could crush 90% of the world population in a sprint or flexibility contest.  It’s not about image, it’s about performance for your given task.

The Foundation Phase of P90x2 works on the core and often tests your limits of how many movements you can do at one time and how many different muscles you can engage simultaneously.

It’s not easy at first.  The first week the workouts seemed a bit “soft” because I spent most of my time learning new movements and struggling to coordinate my body.

With the mastery of these new movements came a whole new sense of pushing it and working out.  No, my isolated muscle groups have yet to show the fatigue of P90x Chest and Back, but then again, the P90x2 workouts leave me toppled over to the point that not ONE muscle in my body can do another rep.

Burning 800-1000 calories per hour with no cardio seems like a good workout to me.  Add a Strength Phase and a Performance Phase and both the visual and functional results will be there in 90 days!

If you are totally out of shape, this is not the program for you.

If you want instant visual Infomercial results in 30 days, this probably isn’t the program for you–stick with P90x.

If you want amazing 90 day results and want to be able to dunk a basketball again or beat your kid in a lap around the track–P90x2 is for you.

The Foundation Phase of P90x2 tests your balance, your coordination, your core strength, your mobility, your stamina and your overall level of fitness.  The more you improve in all these areas, the better you can perform and the harder the workouts become.

Again, let’s not compare this to P90x–it’s something totally new and is using the latest movements to reach maximum functional athleticism.

Bring on the Strength Phase!

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